Our passionate trampolining team ensure that fun and enjoyment are at the heart of everything we do.

About Axis Trampoline Club

A friendly and fun environment for recreational trampolining lessons and a competitive trampolining squad training schedule. We’re happy to coach anyone of any age to trampoline and will help you reach your target whether you want to be a world champion or land your first somersault.

Sessions and Timetable

We are an open and friendly trampoline club and welcome new members. We offer a wide variety of trampolining sessions to cater for individual needs, including pre-school drop in fun sessions, short 6 week trampoline courses, recreational trampolining sessions, squad trampolining sessions and adults only trampolining sessions.


We have Olympic standard equipment and a string of high-performance trampoline coaches that are happy to help anyone from a complete novice to an elite athlete.


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