Axis now do a range of circus classes for 7yrs and upwards, through to adults.

Axis Mixed Aerial Classes

These are aimed at beginners or those fairly new to aerial circus and give a really good grounding in aerial hoop, silks and static trapeze. We have classes from 7yrs through to adults. The main evening classes run on Monday evenings, but we also run extra taster sessions during the school holidays - see booking website or holiday session posts for details of dates/times of these.

Weekly classes:
5pm to 6.30pm - 7yrs to 10yrs
6.30pm to 8pm - 11yrs to 17yrs
8pm to 9.30pm - 18yrs+

Classes £15 for a taster or PAYG, Block of 4 classes £45.

Axis Trampoline Wall Classes

Trampoline wall is a truly heart stopping extension to trampolining. It requires nerves of steel to throw yourself at speed towards a solid wall, aim for a tiny window or somersault down from several meters up before landing. Our classes are designed for complete beginners to trampoline wall.

In order to be able to join our weekly Monday night trampoline wall class you will need to have the following skills on a trampoline: 1. Front and Back landings 2. Linking Back to Front landings 3. Front and back somersaults 4. Back pullover

However we also run taster sessions in the school holidays and as long as you can do a back landing on a trampoline safely you are welcome to attend those to get a taste for this exciting activity. See booking website and school holiday posts for details of these.

Weekly class:
Monday 8pm to 9pm
£7.50 per class PAYG
Open to all ages who can complete the required skills.

Axis Multi-Discipline Days with Circus

We run these during the school holidays for children 11yrs - 17yrs. The activities vary depending on what you sign up for, they can either include Aerial Circus, Trampoline and FreeG or they can be a day full of circus skills including Aerial Circus, Trampoline Wall and Acrobatics and Movement. These days are a great way to have a taster at the range of more unusual activities we offer at Axis.

See Booking website for up coming dates
£33 - 9.30am to 3.30pm
Discounts for members

Axis Acrobatic and Movement Classes

Parkour is one of the fastest growing sports at the moment, it combines elements of tumbling, gymnastics, circus, acrobatics and balancing. YouTube is full of people jumping off walls, somersaulting from building to building, spinning around rails and all sorts of other tricks. The basic idea is to get from A to B as fast as possible but freestyle adds an element of showmanship and flair.

Our Acrobatic and Freestyle class aims to bring elements of Parkour inside and to help you express your creativity and explore the way the human body can work in a fun and exciting way. You will learn to perform dynamic tricks, acrobatic manoeuvres and somersaults. The classes will help build your strength, flexibility, fitness, balance, spatial awareness and agility. Classes are very dynamic and our skilled and experienced coaches work closely with those attending to focus on areas they are interested in meaning each week is different. We have a range of equipment available, including our full sprung floor, tailor made freestyle blocks, ramps, beams and rails, foam pit and of course trampolines.

The weekly class happens on a Tuesday evening and is for 18yrs+, however we do run tasters during school holidays for 11yrs to 17yrs and as part of our multi-discipline activity days during the school holidays.

Weekly class:
Tuesday 8pm to 9.30pm
£10 per class PAYG.

All circus classes are open to non members.

All the classes that are currently available to book and more info on them can be found on our booking website:

School holiday sessions are general advertised around 1 month beforehand.

New range of Axis Circus Classes for 7yrs to adults

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