What classes do you run at Axis?

We run a large range of classes catering from preschool age children through to adults. These classes include General Gymnastics, Trampolining, Double Mini Trampoline, Tumbling, unstructured and structured Pre-School classes and Freestyle (Freestyle Gymnastics). We also do a range of circus skills classes including Trampoline Wall and Aerial Hoop/Silks/Trapeze. Catering for a more adult audience, we run adults-only sessions in Trampolining, Gymnastics and Acrobatics. Please check out our session information and timetable pages for specific information about all these classes.

What facilities do you have?

Although Axis has been running since 2005, we only moved into our dedicated premises venue in January 2015. In 2015/2016 we invested in over £200,000 of equipment and so the gym has a vast array of new and in many cases Olympic standard equipment.

As a not-for-profit club we reinvest money heavily in replacing equipment where needed to keep it up to date. We have eight Olympic size trampolines (2 x 4mmx4mm Eurotramp GMex Ultimates & 6 x 2-string Eurotramp GMex frames), with one set into the floor next to a foam pit with an overhead spotting rig and another set into the floor next to our trampoline wall, 25m Skakun fibreglass international standard tumble track and full run up, 11m Gymnova fast track into foam pit, one set of Gymnova competition A-symmetric bars plus additional training bars, two Gymnova competition Olympic sized beams and one Gymnova low beam, various floor training beams, two sets of training rings, one competition size 12mx12m foam sprung floor, 14m inflatable air track, various vaulting blocks, one Eurotramp Ultimate double mini trampoline, 2 x Gymnova trampettes, £14,000 of specialised Continental Freestyle equipment, teeterboard, two aerial hoops, two aerial silks and one static trapeze. We also have a large array of preschool, training and conditioning equipment as well as extensive landing and safety matting throughout the gym area. It is safe to say we have plenty of equipment to ensure fantastic and varied sessions throughout our classes.


How do I join Axis Trampoline and Gymnastics Club?

If you are interested in attending sessions that only require booking in either as a one-off session or as termly sessions (such as our adults sessions, preschool sessions, or Home Education sessions), please visit our online booking system to make a booking.

If you are interested in attending sessions from 4.00pm daily or on Saturday mornings, and wish to have a space allocated to you on a rolling monthly basis (which is the case for the majority of our classes), we ask that any new enquiries about session availability come to us through you completing a digital expression of interest form.

To do this, please send us a quick email to info@axistrampolineclub.co.uk and you will automatically receive an immediate response with a link to our form. Please then use this form to give us all of the personal details about the gymnast interested in attending sessions with us, what gymnastics discipline they are looking for, what level/experience they already hold in this discipline, what disabilities they may have (if any), and what their availability to attend classes is throughout the week. We will then get in contact with you at our earliest convenience once a suitable session becomes available, and will find a time for you to pop down to the club and participate in a taster session.

If you are not sure, and just want a bit of extra information, then please do give us a call during our opening hours on 0117 9661878 and we can chat everything through with you to find the right session for your age and ability - we will be happy to assist you.

N.B. Please be aware that due to the popularity of the club, we have many classes which are already at capacity. For those classes that are currently full we hold waiting lists (which we populate from the completed expression of interest forms) and contact individuals from these lists when spaces become available

I have arranged a taster session, what should I bring?

Try and arrive 10 minutes early for your taster to allow time to check in at reception. Please wear shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and bring socks with you (please NOT trampoline park socks with the plastic undersole). Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed for safety. A Parent/Guardian must remain on site during the taster but if you join the club they won’t need to stay for subsequent sessions.

Should you be unable to make a taster which has been arranged, please let us know so we can re-book it at a more convenient time. Non-attendance may mean removal from our waiting lists

Can I watch my child's classes?

Yes, we have a very open-gym policy as we believe it’s very important for parents/guardians to be in touch with their children’s classes. It is a great opportunity for you the parent to feel part of the process, and to take joy from watching your child develop over time. We have a comfy café area situated within the gym, so you will be able to see and hear your child’s lesson. We have a large range of hot and cold drinks and snacks to enjoy while you relax and watch. We do ask that parents and siblings remain in the café area at all times, and that you refrain from “coaching” your child from the side. Please leave that job to us!

Do I have to stay during my childs classes?

We ask that an adult aged 18+ stays during the initial taster session, but once they become a member of the club and have signed all our membership forms, and signed up to British Gymnastics, you are welcome to leave during the classes. We ask that you do physically bring any under 16’s into the gym and pick them up from the gym at the conclusion of their session. We have a security gate on our main door to ensure under 16’s do not leave the gym unaccompanied.

Do children work towards badges and certificates in all classes?

All of our gymnastics and trampolining classes work towards either the British Gymnastics Trampoline Proficiency Award Scheme (certificates and badges in trampoline classes) or the British Gymnastics RISE programme (certificates and medals in gymnastics classes).

We don’t have specific badge classes as we believe all participants should have the opportunity to work towards these rewards, although we do run a badge week once every term throughout the year for each of these 2 disciplines where we focus on the attainment of these awards.

We also have our own Axis TGC reward cards which are awarded regularly across all sessions, Effort Bears which are awarded on an ad-hoc basis for special effort being shown, and a big Effort Trophy which is awarded monthly to one gymnast out of the whole club who has shown consistent effort over an extended period

Do your classes run during the school holidays?

All of our school-age sessions from 4.00pm during weekdays and on Saturday mornings run completely as normal throughout the year regardless of school holidays. The club does break for 2 weeks over Christmas/New Year and 2 weeks at the beginning of the school summer holidays, at which point the whole club is closed and no sessions take place at all. These dates are published in advance on our Facebook page and club notice boards and are worked into the payment schedule so you do not pay for the weeks the club is closed.

Our full pre-school timetable only runs during termtime. However, we do run some preschool classes during the school holidays and the timetable can be found on our online booking system a few weeks ahead of the school holidays taking place.

Our weekly Home Education sessions which take place during term time do not run during school holidays

Do you run school holiday sessions and can non-members attend?

Yes - We welcome both Axis members and non-members into our holiday sessions and they are particularly great for those that can’t commit to our normal weekly afterschool sessions. These holiday sessions include dedicated trampolining and gymnastics sessions, as well as multi-activity days where children can stay all day (which helps Mum and Dad out with childcare whilst at work). Our multi-activity days offer all children the opportunity to do lots of different activities throughout the day which they may not always have the opportunity to participate in during normal after-school sessions, such as Double Mini Trampoline, Freestyle, Aerial Circus, and using the foam pit or air track. All holiday booking should be made via our online holiday booking system.

How do payments for sessions work?

Preschool Sessions and Home Education Sessions
Our Adventurers and Preschool Fun sessions are both PAYG (but must be booked through our online booking system), and our Preschool Gymnastics sessions and Home Education sessions are paid termly in advance, also through our online booking system.

Adults Sessions
There are a range of adult’s classes which are available to pay for on a PAYG basis. Full details of these sessions are available by clicking on the SESSIONS link at the top of the page.

School Age Sessions
For all other school-age sessions from 4pm during the week and on Saturday mornings, fees are paid for via a rolling monthly direct debit (payable on the 15th of each month for the following month’s fees) which must be set up within the first month of starting sessions. Failure to set up the direct debit authorisation will lead to removal from the registers. An annual membership fee is payable when you join the club which covers membership to Axis TGC. You will also be required to become an individual member of British Gymnastics (you will be told how to do this). Both of these annual fees are renewable annually for the 1st October

I missed a class due to illness can I come on another day or get a refund?

Unfortunately the space is saved for you in a specific class and therefore classes are non-transferable or refundable.

I’m an unfit adult but love the idea of doing something different for fitness, are there classes I can attend?

Absolutely! There is no upper age limit to our classes. Trampolining and gymnastics are both great for fitness, strength and flexibility and easy to get into even as an adult beginner. We have a huge range of adult’s classes, many of which are available to book on a PAYG basis to fit around work and childcare schedules. Check out our booking website for all currently available PAYG classes. We also have classes you can sign up to attend every week. Out adult’s pages have all the information about classes. The adults classes are all mixed ability, and we definitely have some improvers and more advanced participants, however the vast majority of participants are complete beginners. So don’t be scared to come and join in, the classes are very relaxed and sociable whilst also being very productive and great for fitness.

Do you do drop in classes?

We do some pre-school PAYG classes and details of these can be found on the pre-school page of the website. Unfortunately, we don’t do drop-in classes for school age children as all our classes are fully coached from this age and we have a strict gymnast to coach ratio. This ratio is kept low to ensure safety for all gymnasts as well as quality coaching as per governing body guidelines. Our sessions are progressive and we believe it is important to attend weekly to get the most out of classes and the contact with our coaching team.

We do have some PAYG adults-only classes for 18yrs+ to allow flexibility around childcare and work schedules. These adults PAYG sessions can be found on our booking website.

We also do holiday sessions during school holidays which can be booked as one-off sessions by both existing members of the club and non-members, and can be found on our holiday booking website.

Can we come for a one-off session?

For pre-schoolers we have some classes (Adventurers and Preschool Fun Sessions) that can be booked as a one-off via our booking website. We also do one-off sessions during the school holidays for non-members who are of school age, and these can be booked as a one off via our holiday booking website.

However, our after school and Saturday morning classes for school age children are all classes you attend on a weekly basis as they are progressive classes designed to teach you exciting new skills and develop existing technique. It takes time and practice to learn new skills safely, so attending sessions on a regular basis is vital in ensuring this continuity of coaching and learning. We can arrange a taster session before you commit to membership of the club though, so please complete an expression of interest form by emailing us to arrange this.

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