Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Are you bored of the same old thing at birthday parties? At Axis we provide a fun filled time that is different to everything else out there. Why not come to us and soar through the air like a bird with your friends as your wingmen? Our entire gym and all the equipment in it, including our trampolines and gymnastics apparatus are at your disposal, and we have a range of different party options to suit every age from pre-schooler through to adult, and to fit within your budget.

Birthday parties start with exclusive use of the entire gym for 1 hour. During this time the children will get to use all of our top of the range Olympic-standard gymnastics equipment, bounce around on our Olympic-standard trampolines, dive into our foam pit, participate in fun games and much more! All of this happens under the supervision of our qualified and experienced coaches, so you can sit back, relax, and let us keep them entertained!

Following the hour in the gym you will have the exclusive use of our party room for 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of clear up time, during which time our staff will assist you to clear up after your party, in preparation for the party that follows you.

Parties will be tailored to the age of the children involved and will be dependent upon the wishes of the birthday child and their family. So if a specific trampoline party floats your boat, then we’ve got you covered.

Pre-school parties involve all of our gymnastics & trampoline equipment as well as toys and soft play being available for your party guests to use under the supervision of our qualified and experienced coaches in an “unstructured” environment where parents are encouraged to supervise their children and engage in play with them.

For school-age parties, if specifically gymnastics or trampolining is what you’re passionate about, then we can tailor the party for those activities to be your main focus. Or if you want to enjoy a mix of all the disciplines/apparatus we have to offer, then this popular choice always goes down well with participants of all ages.

To check availability and to book a party, please visit our booking website

Trampolining parties   Trampolining parties   Trampolining parties



Private Group Hire or Individual Lessons

For those wanting a more tailored session in any of our gymnastics disciplines, we are happy to book a private group or 1:1 session, and have several different options which we can bespoke tailor to your desires and aspirations. Our team of coaches will be able to adjust the style and delivery of the session to suit your particular needs and goals.

Bookings can either be made for one off sessions or a regular weekly class (timetable and staffing permitting). Please contact us directly either by phone or email to discuss your thoughts and requirements.

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