Win in our Club 500 lottery Win in our Club 500 lottery

What is the Axis Club 500?

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The Axis Club 500 is a monthly draw to help raise funds to support Axis Trampoline & Gymnastics Club, with 50% of all payments received going towards the prize funds, and 50% going towards the club as fundraising. Tickets may be bought on a monthly or annual basis – both payable by direct debit.

All participating members are entered into a monthly draw which will take place on the second Friday of each month. The randomly selected entries in the top 3 places will win a cash prize.

As well as the monthly cash prizes which are available for all ticket holders to win (regardless of whether you are a monthly or annual member), all annual ticket holders will be entered into our BUMPER BONUS DRAW, which is drawn in December and carries even bigger cash prizes!



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