If you’ve ever watched The Greatest Showman, or any other film which shows off the human body slicing through the air on aerial silks, or nimbly achieving creative shapes on a trapeze, and you’ve wondered “how do they do that?”….then now is your chance to find out.

We welcome both complete beginners as well as improvers to all aerials classes where our highly trained and experienced aerials coaches will work with you and support you to achieve things you never thought possible. Our sessions are split into different age groups at different times, where you will be further divided down into groups to work the different pieces of apparatus available. After that,concentrating on the skills you want to develop, and constructing jaw-dropping routines will be your focus as your skill level and confidence increases.

Aerial Silks

This visually stunning discipline combines core strength with creativity and elegance. These classes focus on building your confidence in the air as well as your strength and technique to climb the silks before moving you on to basic holds and locks, preparing you for more advanced elements and routines.

static trapeze

Static Trapeze

In contrast to Flying Trapeze, in Static Trapeze, the bars and ropes mainly stay in place. It can be performed by a single artist, or two partners working together. A single artist will perform tricks above and below the bar, with the ropes playing just as important a part as the bar. A partner act will involve the partners working together, supporting each other’s weight, throwing, lifting and catching each other.

static trapeze

Aerial Hoop

Combinations of static and dynamic moves are taught to create seamless routines on this visually captivating piece of aerial apparatus. By building your core strength, stamina and flexibility, you can produce aesthetically beautiful forms to dazzle your audience!

Aerial Hoop


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Sessions are strictly limited and must be booked and paid for prior to the session taking place via our online booking system.

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