Trampoline squadAxis Trampoline & Gymnastics Club has enjoyed success at all domestic levels of competition, and we revel in providing competitive opportunities to gymnasts whatever their degree of proficiency.

We currently have 5 trampolining squads who train at multiple points throughout the week, starting at just school age 4 years old in our Baby Squad through to adults in our Senior Squad.

Sessions include new skill acquisition with a focus on developing routines which may be entered into competitions, as well as an emphasis on overall body conditioning, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. With focussed training sessions, use of our Olympic-standard performance trampolines and consistent access to our highest qualified and experienced coaches, an individual training plan will be developed in discussion with you with the desire to achieve competition success. These sessions work very well for those individuals who want to take their trampolining to the next level and succeed on the national competitive circuit.

SquadCompetitions which Axis participate in are offered both regionally and nationally by British Gymnastics and subscribe to the current regional & national development plans put in place by British Gymnastics and the FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique). We also participate in the national events offered by the Trampoline & DMT League and English Gymnastics, as well as a number of local friendly competitions – including the annual Axis TGC competitions which we host in-house

Past achievements from Axis TGC gymnasts include category champions at the British Trampoline Championships, membership of the Team GB Disabilities Trampoline Squad, as well as a host of domestic competition age group medal winners in both individual and synchronised events.

Entry into these squads is by invitation only.

Trampoline Squad
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