Disability trampoliningParticipation at all skill levels is encouraged at Axis, where we turn “disability” into “ABILITY”! Trampolining provides a host of stimulating sensory experiences and has been shown to help with a wide range of sensory, developmental and physical disabilities. You can enjoy the pure sensation that bouncing on a trampoline brings, or develop new skills that bring a tremendous feeling of achievement and self-confidence.

When you start out you will learn the fundamentals of trampolining and how to build your strength, control and flexibility. As you begin to develop your physique and technique, there is no limit to how far you can go from local challenges to elite international competitions. Of course, you can just get involved for the fun, fitness and other physical benefits that trampolining has to offer.

Disability trampoliningTrampolining is great fun! We keep the sessions engaging and active with different movements and skills. The benefits for the performers are holistic as well as physiological, giving stimulation and development to all senses alongside increasing physical/motor movement. Each session is targeted to each participating individual, with emphasis being placed upon optimising the session for their individual and specific needs.


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