DMTOne moment you’re hurtling down a runway at top speed, the next your launching yourself into the sky. Two huge aerial tricks later and you're finally back to earth. That’s when the adrenaline really kicks in and you realise how cool and graceful you looked.
Double Mini Trampoline packs a lot of action into a short space of time. Combining explosive power with high flying stunts, it’s an incredible way to develop your strength and coordination. Not to mention an awesome way to impress your mates!
However old you are, even if you have limited experience of gymnastics and trampolining, you will find Double Mini Trampoline really easy to get into. As you learn you will get to grips with the challenge of hitting the DMT on the run. Then as your talent and technique develop, you’ll start introducing more speed, more height, and more amazing somersaulting and twisting skills! Double Mini Trampoline is an international sport so as you progress, if you want to wow the crowds you can go on to compete.

We have sessions with mixed age and mixed ability as well as some more competitively focussed groups - so these fun and fast-paced sessions are open to everyone regardless of your age or experience.



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