All preschool classes must be booked via our online booking portal:

PLEASE NOTE: Our advertised preschool timetable runs during school term time only. A modified timetable will run during the school holidays.


Pre-school trampolining


Pre-School Gymnastics and Trampolining Classes

Here at Axis we like to involve the whole family and that includes the younger members. We know how much energy pre-school children have, so we have developed a range of different classes to help them burn that energy off and start to learn Trampolining, Gymnastics and related skills in a safe, vibrant and fun environment, giving a great introductory insight to the world of physical movement.

During all pre-school sessions different equipment / circuits will be set up using our world class apparatus for your child to have fun on and improve their skills under the supervision of our experienced and qualified coaches. We also like to have group time in our structured pre-school sessions for younger children where we participate in action songs and develop learning with hand apparatus such as tap sticks and bean bags.

Pre-school trampoliningAdventurers: 2yrs to 4yrs – drop in class

These competitively priced classes don’t require booking in advance and they are paid for on the day. All sessions are led by our fully qualified coaches but parents are involved with supporting their little ones through the activities, allowing you to enjoy 1:1 time with your child and watch them develop.

Should you wish to prolong the fun, having attended the Adventurers class, the Pre-School Fun Session which immediately follows Adventurers is half price.

Pre-School Fun Session: From birth to school age 4/5yrs – drop in class

Every morning we have our dynamic and active pay-as-you-go family fun session which is a non-structured session for parents and toddlers to enjoy together. Parents can enjoy free play with their child in our soft play environment which includes soft shapes, toys, climbing blocks, tumble tracks, foam pit, gymnastics equipment and of course trampolines so the little ones can find their bouncing feet. Our staff are on hand at all times to ensure safety and to answer any questions you may have.

Should you attend the Adventurers class prior to this session, the Pre-School Fun Session is half price, and should be paid for when you first sign in. Children under 6 months gain entry for free, and children aged 6 months to 12 months old are half price. If the whole pre-school family wants to come along for a fun morning, for every full paying child, one sibling receives half price entry.

PreschoolPre-school Sessions during School Holidays

We do run Pre-School Fun Sessions throughout the school holidays on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.00am-12.00pm.

Please check the “Whats New” page, our Facebook page or contact us for more details.

Classes Booked in Advance: For ages 3yrs to school age 4/5yrs

When your child is 3yrs old you may enrol them into one of our more structured Trampolining classes (Bouncing Tots) or Gymnastics classes (Gym Tots). Our classes follow the British Gymnastics Fundamentals and / or Proficiency Award Scheme (both of which work towards badges and certificates), so they will be rewarded to recognise their efforts and encourage them to progress further. Participation in Fundamentals stimulates imagination and creativity.  These are more independent classes where Parents/ carers are not required to join in and they are ideal for young children to acquire essential physical, social and emotional skills in preparation for school. It's the ideal start to encourage youngsters to enjoy a lifetime of fitness and sport.


Please Note: Our pre-school timetable runs during school term time only.
A modified timetable will run during the school holidays.

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